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Things going on in the shop

Well things are shaping up in my shop now. Added to my utility workbench! I am very happy about that. Have several projects in the works. I am working on necklace charms made out of maple and walnut. Tammy of Popo's Re-sale shop is making them into necklaces and earrings. Then I am going to start work on my work bench. I'll update that as it happens. I will take progress pictures and explain what I am doing for that.Also going to put a finish on Blake's chess board I made him. That came out awesome ,pictures will follow on the completed board after the finish.


Well it has been awhile since I set up this site. I have been very busy in the shop and with work to do much here lately. That is about to change. I am going to be spending some time setting this up over the next couple of weeks. 
Some of what I have been doing is I went to Woodworking in America this year for the first time!! What an incredible experience! I took classes with Chris Schwarz,Megan Fitzpatrick ,Roy Underhill and Mary May. Talked with all of them (some more at length) about different things and they were all amazing and super nice!

First Post

Well this is the first post for my blog. I will update as things get intresting or have something to say either about my carving or some other shop related news.
Rocky and I have been working quite steadily on our new shop. It is coming togeather quickly. Soon we will have it up and running! Have waited years for this development. Very exciting!
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