Mystic Carvings - Unique creations in wood!
Large Mushroom Home
These guys live it up in a large mushroom.
Price: $65.00
Small Mushroom Home
These gnomes needed something small to start out!
Price: $40.00
Likes to Climb
These gnomes have a thing for stairs apparently!
Price: $65.00
Old Wood Spirit
Legend has it that the wood spirit will look over and protect those that bring him in their home.
Price: $100.00
Young Wood Spirit
Give the wood spirit a name when he comes in your home and he will watch and protect you.
Price: $100.00
Spirit Home with Spiral Staircase
These spirits live happily in their beautiful home,they even built a spiral staircase!
Price: $140.00
Hearth and Home
This homelooks like the ideal place to come visit and enjoy some cocoa by the fire!
Price: $100.00
Lap of Luxury
These gnomes are living it up in oppulance with an overlooking balcony and even a door for their "doggie" !
Price: $140.00
Simple Living
The gnomes in this home are hard working folks who built enough to relax in and eat in.
Price: $45.00
Come on in and enjoy simple living as you overlook the countryside!
Price: $60.00
These guys enjoy life and show devotion to Mother Earth!
Price: $85.00
Hippy Home
This cozy lil place looks so inviting, and made more the welcome with the hippy gnomes inside!
Price: $70.00
Old Fashioned and Solid
This home is well built on solid stone and protected with cedar shingles! Cozy
Price: $100.00
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